Sigourney Weaver wants to be the voice of many

Sigourney Weaver has already saved the world six times. But now the heroine of “Aliens” wants to save the world outside movie theaters. She has teamed up with the en­vironmental group Natural Resources Defense Council to bring attention to ocean acidification, the climate change crisis nobody talks about.

Why is ocean acidification such a serious problem?

Carbon pollution is causing oceans to acidify. The acidification eats away at shell­fish and other creatures that are essential to the ocean food chain. And if the creatures that form the basis of the ocean food chain don’t survive, neither will all the fish and other ocean life that depend on them.
Cars and planes take the blame for global warming.

The most effective way of getting the message out about ocean acidification might be to make a movie about it.

Absolutely. I think film is one of the best mediums for communication. For many of us, oceans are out of sight and therefore out of mind. But film is able to lift the curtain on these mysteries and reveal to viewers the wonder of our oceans and why it is so essential to protect them.

Will you save the world a seventh time?

I will hopefully be one voice of many in the effort to protect the planet from global warming and to protect our oceans from acidification.

Elisabeth Braw, Metro International, 3 December 2009. Full article.

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