Bermuda’s pink sands under threat as seas become more acidic

Bermuda may soon have to remove “pink sandy beaches” from its tourism advertising, if the chemistry of the ocean continues to change.

The foraminifera Homotrema rubrum which gives the blush to Bermuda beaches, is one of the many ocean organisms that scientists think will be badly affected by oceans becoming more acidic .

The Royal Gazette met with Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) scientists Andreas J. Andersson, Nick R. Bates, and Samantha J. de Putron to talk about the Bermuda Ocean Acidification Coral Reef Investigation (BEACON), a BIOS project designed to study ocean acidification and its effects on Bermuda’s coral reef.

Jessie Moniz, The Royal Gazette, 26 November 2009. Full article.

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