Ocean acidification teaching module

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program has assembled a teaching module about ocean acidification for grades 5-12 containing two lab experiments and one classroom demonstration. In the first experiment, students test the pH of numerous household liquids, including artificial seawater. In the second experiment, students bubble seawater and other natural waters with their breath to simulate accelerated ocean acidification, and they use the skills gained from the first lab to interpret their results. In the demonstration, teachers soak seashells in weak acid to simulate the possible physical consequences of ocean acidification on mollusks. The kit is designed to be as low-cost and adaptable as possible; most supplies can be purchased at a local supermarket or pet store. The kit includes teacher setup checklists and recipes for each lab, student handouts, student worksheets with data tables and synthesis questions, a teacher’s answer key, and links to additional teaching and background materials. Finally, U.S. national science education standards supported by this kit are listed.

The kit may be accessed at http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=32866.

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