Coral, shell erosion demonstrates climbing ocean acidity (audio)

Seventy academies of science from around the world earlier this year issued a warning to policy makers about the growing threat of ocean acidification. About a quarter of CO2 emissions are absorbed into the ocean, and there’s growing evidence that a rapid increase in these emissions is beginning to change the chemistry of sea water.

It’s a relatively new area of science that has only recently been confirmed with evidence of changes to marine organisms in the Southern Ocean and along the Great Barrier Reef.

Presenter: Peter McCutcheon
Speaker: Professor Will Howard, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre; Katharina Fabricius and Dr Janice Lough, Marine researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science; Sophie Dove and Alicia Crawley, Marine Researchers from University Of Queensland

Peter McCutcheon, Radio Australia, 21 October 2009. Full article and audio.

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