2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting: Session on Biological consequences of ocean acidification

We would like to bring to your attention Session B027, “Biological consequences of ocean acidification” at the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting (February 22-26, 2010, in Portland, Oregon, USA).  Abstract submissions are due October 15, 2009.  Please note that there are multiple complementary sessions on this general topic; our session targets biological/ecological impacts, accompanying others that place more emphasis on geochemistry and paleoceanography.

Session description:

Consequences of rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations on ocean chemistry are currently a major focus of oceanographic research. Marine organisms may respond to decreased pH, elevated aqueous CO2, changes in aragonite/calcite saturation state, and/or decreased oxygen levels associated with anthropogenic shifts in atmospheric CO2. The biological response to these factors may also be influenced by synergistic processes such as rising global temperatures and changes in precipitation and runoff. This session will focus on laboratory and field experiments and observations of the biological and ecological consequences of altered ocean chemistry due to rising CO2 concentrations. Examples from a variety of marine ecosystems (e.g., intertidal, subtidal, estuarine, tropical, polar, open ocean, deep sea) are welcomed. This session will provide a venue for synthesis of available data, comparison of methods, improving understanding of environmental implications, and developing new areas of research.

Section:  Interdisciplinary
Cosponsor:  Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography


Brian Gaylord (bpgaylord@ucdavis.edu)
Bodega Marine Laboratory and Department of Evolution and Ecology
University of California at Davis

Tessa Hill (tmhill@ucdavis.edu)
Bodega Marine Laboratory and Department of Geology
University of California at Davis

Ann Russell (adrussell@ucdavis.edu)
Department of Geology
University of California at Davis

Further conference information can be found at: http://www.agu.org/meetings/os10/index.php

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