Submit abstracts to PICES 2009 Annual Meeting in Jeju, Korea

The PICES 2009 Annual Meeting will be held October 23 – November 1, 2009 in Jeju, Korea, We are soliciting abstracts for a session on “Anthropogenic perturbations of the carbon cycle and their impacts in the North Pacific”. Abstract deadline is July 12.

S8: POC/BIO Topic Session (Oct. 27, 1 day)
Anthropogenic perturbations of the carbon cycle and their impacts in the North Pacific

James Christian (Canada) and Toshiro Saino (Japan)

Invited speaker:
Richard E. Zeebe (University of Hawaii, U.S.A)

Accumulation of anthropogenic carbon and associated changes in ocean chemistry (“ocean acidification”) affect all of the world’s oceans. Anthropogenic CO2 has multiple feedbacks to ocean chemistry and biology, such as reduction of calcification, shifts in phytoplankton species composition, and dissolution of particulate or sedimentary carbonates. The carbon system can also be affected by other anthropogenic factors such as changes in river flow and aeolian dust deposition. Carbon and nutrient biogeochemistry will be affected both directly and indirectly by ocean acidification. This session invites papers that address the biogeochemistry of anthropogenic carbon (processes controlling its distribution, processes by which it alters ocean chemistry), other anthropogenic impacts on carbon and nutrient cycles, acidification impacts on marine biota, and feedbacks among these.

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