OCB to host ocean acidification short course in fall 2009

Ocean acidification is a high-priority OCB research topic that has recently been the focus of multiple workshops, white papers, and reports, and there is great urgency among members of the national and international research communities to plan and conduct viable and compelling experiments that will improve our understanding of the potential biogeochemical and ecological impacts of ocean acidification. The OCB Project Office and the Ocean Acidification Subcommittee are developing a hands-on ocean acidification short course that will convene members of the biological and chemical oceanography research communities to gain mutual insights on optimal ocean acidification experimental design. The short course will build on the recommendations from the Guide to Best Practices in Ocean Acidification Research and Data Reporting, and would provide a mechanism for educating scientists on appropriate chemical and biological techniques and protocols related to ocean acidification.

The course will take place in Fall 2009 (dates TBA) on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) campuses in Woods Hole, MA, and will include lecture, laboratory, and field components. The course will accommodate 50-60 participants (including instructors) from the OCB community, and will primarily target junior to mid-level faculty and postdoctoral scientists from the U.S. The OCB Project Office will send an announcement to the OCB community when more details become available.

OCB News 2(2): 12 (2009). Web site.

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