Exploring the feasibility of an in situ mesoscale carbon addition experiment

A workshop to explore the scientific justification and logistical feasibility of an in situ open ocean mesoscale CO2 perturbation experiment was held at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University (LDEO) on 23-24 March, 2009 in Palisades, New York (see Appendix I for agenda). The objective of the workshop was to assess the current understanding of the potential effects on open ocean ecosystems and biogeochemical cycling resulting from CO2 increases in ocean in response to increased atmospheric pCO2 and to determine the feasibility of an in situ open ocean mesoscale CO2 perturbation experiment. Support was provided by three sources: 1) LDEO Climate Center; 2) LDEO Advisory Board Innovation Fund; and 3) NSF – ADVANCE of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Approximately 15 people attended over the course of the two meeting days. Participants included both LDEO and outside scientists representing the fields of modeling and physical, geochemical and biological oceanography (see Appendix II for participant list). The meeting format was interactive and strong on discussions and calculations. Products of the meeting included: 1) scientific justification of a large scale open ocean experiment 2) a vision of a semi- enclosed experimental design; 3) prioritization of two potential experimental locations along with justifications for each site; 4) anticipated biological and geochemical responses; 5) appropriate observations and measurements necessary to document experimental responses.

Workshop organizer: Veronica P. Lance, report

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