British Ecological Society 2009 annual meeting, thematic topic 5: The effects of ocean acidification

Organisers: Jasmin Godbold, Martin Solan, Steve Widdicombe

Anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 is the greatest cause of ocean acidification and if global emissions of CO2 from human activities continue to rise on current trends, oceans are predicted to experience unprecedented decreases in seawater pH and carbonate chemistry. Such profound changes in seawater chemistry are likely to have strong impacts on the relationship between marine biodiversity and ecosystem function through modification of key physiological processes, organism behaviour and interactions between individuals. This session will provide a more holistic understanding on the current state and predicted effects of ocean acidification on the marine environment, identify gaps in our knowledge and investigate the likely consequences of these changes for society and human well-being.

Keynote speaker and title: Dr. Jerry Blackford (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

“Predicting the impacts of Ocean Acidification: challenges from an ecosystem perspective”

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dave Paterson (University of St. Andrews)

Dr. Melanie Austen (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Dr. Nia Whiteley (University of Wales, Bangor)

Dr. Dan Mayor (University of Aberdeen)

British Ecological Society
, 7 May 2009. Web site.

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