UK funds sea acidification study

The UK government has launched an £11m ($16m) five-year research programme into ocean acidification.

Researchers say seas are becoming more acidic as a result of CO2 from human activities being absorbed by seawater, which alters the oceans’ chemistry.

Ministers say acidification of the oceans will be one of the major environmental concerns of this century.

The study will focus on the Atlantic, Antarctic and Arctic oceans and assess how marine ecosystems are affected.

The programme, co-funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Natural Environment Research Council (Nerc), will also examine the implications for people and the economy.

“Ocean acidification will be one of the biggest environmental concerns of this century, with major and far-reaching impacts,” said Nature and Marine Environment Minister Huw Irranca-Davies.

Roger Harrabin, BBC NEWS, 28 April 2009. Full article.

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