52ND SFIFF: Interview with Barbara Ettinger, director of “A Sea Change”

Ocean acidification is the global warming problem you probably haven’t heard much about. This is a shame. Leaving this problem unchecked could lead, in the film’s subtitle, to imagining “a world without fish.” Fortunately, the 52nd San Francisco International Film Festival offering “A Sea Change” can start discussions around ocean acidification.

The documentary discusses this problem in a very accessible and entertaining manner. Its format is not “An Inconvenient Truth”’s filmed presentation. Instead, it’s primarily a multinational quest by environmentalist and grandfather Sven Huseby to learn about ocean acidification and the ecological and socioeconomic stakes involved. But the film goes beyond hand-wringing to follow Huseby’s search for solutions to this catastrophic problem. As for who and what the environmentalist finds, you’ll just have to watch the film.

Barbara Ettinger, the award-winning director of “A Sea Change,” talked via e-mail with Beyond Chron prior to the West Coast premiere of her film.

Peter Wong, BeyondChron, 24 April 2009. Full article.

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