Session on climate change and ocean acidification in ICES international symposium

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming ICES International Symposium “Issues Confronting the Deep Oceans”, April 27-30.

Aim of the meeting

With increasing pursuit of new food, energy, mineral, and medicinal resources, technological advancements have made exploration and exploitation of the deep ocean (depths >200m) more possible today than ever before. With human activities expanding into the deep ocean, issues such as understanding deep ocean ecosystems, resilience of deep ocean resources to human disturbance, developing science-based regulations to ensure protection and sustainability, and being able to enforce existing and future management regulations are becoming priorities. Whether it be assessing deep ocean fisheries, habitats, potential energy and mineral resources, or potential development of high sea marine protected areas, pulling all interested stakeholders together (e.g., industry, enforcement, scientists, decision makers) under one symposia is thought never to have ever adequately occurred. This proposed symposium clearly addresses ICES goals of understanding the physical, chemical, and biological functioning of marine ecosystems as well as quantifying human impacts on marine ecosystems, including living marine resources.

Session D “Climate change and ocean acidification”.

For more information please visit the symposium web site.

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