OceanObs09 Whitepaper: “An Ocean Acidification Observational Network”

Richard Feely recently solicited input for a community white paper for the OceanObs09 Conference next fall. The white paper would contribute to two sessions at the conference: 1) Large-scale physical properties and 2) Carbon and ecosystems, and will outline a strategy for a global ocean acidification observing system in the major ocean basins and marginal seas, warm water coral reefs, coastal margins, tropical to subtropical open-ocean regions, and high-latitude regions. The white paper will provide observing program recommendations, including temporal and spatial sampling requirements, core variables, measurement methods and protocols, data sharing and release policy, data assembly and archival, data products and synthesis activities, together with a proposal for a sustained network of ocean acidification observations. Please contact Richard Feely for more information.

OCB NEWS, Winter 2009, 2(1):11. Newsletter.

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