International workshop on Best Practices for Ocean Acidification Research

19-21 November 2008 in Kiel, Germany (co-sponsored by EPOCA, the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP,) the US Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program (OCB), and the Kiel Excellence Cluster ‘The Future Ocean’. The workshop, chaired by Ulf Riebesell, will bring together approximately 40 scientists from the EU, US, Japan, Korea, China and Australia.

The need for standardised protocols and reporting of data has been highlighted at numerous ocean acidification workshops over the past few years. The workshop will produce short technical reports for each major topic covered (e.g., perturbation and calcification experiments) as well as a Guide to Best Practices for Ocean Acidification Research and Data Reporting. Common methods are crucial if we are to identify differences (or lack thereof) in calcification among various taxa, regions, and over time. It is also imperative that data be reported in a manner that will be comprehensible and accessible to scientists several decades from now if changes are to be detected. Specifically, the international research community needs to establish agreed protocols for calcification rate measurements and mesocosm / perturbation experiments, as well as for protocols for data reporting. It is anticipated that the draft guide will be made available on-line for an open 3 month community review period before publication.

Workshop agenda

SESSION I: Carbonate Chemistry
Session Chair: Dick Feely Rapporteur: Kitack Lee

SESSION II: Experimental Design of Perturbation Experiments
Session Chair: Mike Thorndyke Rapporteur: Jens Nejstgaard

SESSION III: Measurements of CO2 sensitive Processes
Session Chair: Vicki Fabry Rapporteur: Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez

SESSION IV: Data reporting and data usage
Session Chair: Bronte Tilbrook Rapporteur: Marion Gehlen

SESSION V: Breakout Sessions and Writing

Group 1: Carbonate system measurements, manipulations and
experimental CO2/Ω levels

Group 2: Measurement of calcification processes, data
normalization, reporting and archiving

Group 3: Measurement of CO2-sensitive processes (other than
calcification), data normalization, reporting and archiving

SESSION VI: Plenary and Summary Review

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