Ocean acidification session ‘Geologische Vereinigung’ meeting, Bremen (Germany)

We would like to draw your attention to an upcoming scientific session on Ocean Acidification, part of this year’s annual ‘Geologische Vereinigung’ meeting, to be held in Bremen, Germany. The meeting runs from October 1 to 5 with sessions being held from October 3 to 5. The programme is posted in the second circular. The session is entitled: “Ocean acidification: back to the future”:

Due to the uptake of anthropogenic CO2, world oceans are getting less alkaline („ocean acidification“) with yet unpredictable consequences for the oceanic ecosystem. The global surface ocean pH has already dropped by 0.1 units since the beginning of the industralisation. In the history of our planet, this is not the first time that oceans experience acidification. Eventhough the causes for these events maybe of a different nature (bolide impact at the K/T boundary, methane clathrate release at the PETM and ELMO) and although the rate of change may be different, much may be learned from this. This session aims to provide a biogeoscientific view of past events and future consequences: Can we learn from the geological archives how the present day ecosystem could be affected? Can we learn from the present day ecosystem response to better interprete the archives?

We encourage colleagues from different fields, including geochemistry, marine geology, geobiology, (paleo)climatology, ……, to participate and help make this the interdisciplinary session we hope it will be. We encourage you to submit an abstract for this session. Abstracts deadline is June 15 (for details see web page).

Oral presentations and posters

Oral presentations: There will be several parallel sessions. Each presentation will be allocated 15 minutes (including time for discussion).

Poster presentations: Poster sessions will be scheduled in between parallel sessions. Posters should be closely related to the topics of the scientific sessions and should not exceed 120 cm (height) by 94 cm (width).

Please indicate your preference for your presentation (oral talk or poster) on the registration form; the final decision however, will be made by the organising committee based on advice from the convenors.

Abstract submission

Abstracts with a maximum of 450 words must be submitted by June 15, 2007. Please send digital abstracts as Word documents (*.doc) or in Rich Text Format (*.rtf ), attached to an email to GV-2007@marum.de or on CD-Rom to the conference address. Please, do not submit your abstract on paper and do not include figures. For additional submission instructions see the GV-2007 website. All abstracts will be published in Terra Nostra (ISSN coded). Your abstract will be processed on receipt of payment.

Outstanding student poster award

All first-author students presenting a poster are eligible to compete for this award. The successful student will be awarded financial support (up to € 1000) to attend a scientific meeting of his/her choice.


Please find the registration form on the GV-2007 conference website and return the filled form online (http://www.g-v.de/) or as an email attachment to GV-2007@marum.de

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you in Bremen.

Ulf Riebesell and Jelle Bijma

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