We’ll pay the price later for abusing Earth now

… But one of the more important issues this century is generating no serious discussion on the campaign trail. And in place of a drumroll, let’s look at the chemistry experiment in which we’re all taking part.

If you think of the earth’s surface as a great beaker, then it’s filled mostly with ocean water. It is slightly alkaline, and that’s what creates a hospitable home for fish, coral reefs and plankton — and indirectly, higher up the food chain, for us. But scientists have discovered that the carbon dioxide we’re spewing into the air doesn’t just heat up the atmosphere and lead to rising seas. Much of that carbon is absorbed by the oceans, and there it produces carbonic acid — the same stuff found in soda pop. That makes oceans a bit more acidic, impairing the ability of certain shellfish to produce shells

Kansas City Star, 1st November 2006. Article.

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